SSH Configuration The “/etc/ssh/sshd_config” file is the system-wide configuration file for SSH which allows you to set different options to improve the security of an SSH server. The default configuration in the config file is very insecure, so you need to edit it first and set proper options to improve […]


As everyone knows AWS provides two type of virtualization. PV (para virtual) and HVM. Its easier to build custom PV based AMI and register it. But, how can you build a HVM based instance ? Unfortunately, AWS doesn't provides any direct methods for registering or building HVM based instance.( atleast […]

Migrate AWS PV to HVM Instance

Recently I came across a client requirement where he wants to attach more than 100 EBS Volumes. After little but of investigations I found that its possible to attach 364 EBS volumes including the Operating System Disk. In order to achieve this number, when you attach the EBS volumes you […]

EBS Disks Limit